February 24, 1945 Berkeley, California

The cities of Oakland, Alameda, and Berkeley.
Boy Scouts of America.
Castlemont High School class of 1962.
Track and Field and Football.
High School Scholastic Art Award.
Big Brothers.
The Van Dykes social club.
Summer camp counselor.
Summer lifeguard and water safety instructor.

Laney College, Oakland, A.A. degree 1967
University of California, Berkeley B.A. degree 1969
University of California, Berkeley M.A. degree 1972
University of California, Berkeley M.F.A. degree 1974.


The Delight and practice of retirement from teaching. The re-launch of 10,000 creative projects.

Instructor of Design, African-American art history and Illustration at City College of San Francisco. Fine and Applied Arts and related Technologies.

Chairman of the Art Department at San Francisco Community College. Fine and Applied Arts and related Technologies.

Fine Arts Coordinator of the Art Department at San Francisco Community College. Fine and Applied Arts and related Technologies.

Freelance digital illustration and design through Memorybank Images.

Consultant of African-American Art and instructor of African and African-American Art History.

Freelance illustration of physical and life sciences and children's books.

Photographer (film and digital), and computer imaging and director of Memory Bank (collected visual images, computer generated images, and photography).

Instructor and consultant of personal journals, diaries, and daily reminders: Instruction, preparation, organization, inspiration and advice of the process of collected writings and images for all ages, abilities and professions.


I have been involved in the practice of art throughout my life. This practice includes the process of mixed media works on paper, drawing, collage, photography, illustration and design. Most of the recent work includes images that might be partially developed through the use of a computer. The majority of my works are drawn with color media sometimes using photographed and manipulated images, which are often in collaboration.

Whimsical ideas, solutions to current public problems and dilemmas and a fascination with medicine, science and leisure are often the subject of the works. Most of my works are small to medium sized and they celebrate the practice of inventive mental and physical concepts. For more samples of Journal keeping and a selection of sketches and photographs please see the web sites and their addresses provided below.

I take a great deal of pride in my work in journals and journal supplements which allow me the chance to collect and sketch ideas and photographs and they serve as a symbolic library of images that I include in my work. Photography has re-emerged as a strong alternative to drawing and this includes a variety of approaches. This includes: Anthropology, Fashion, Food, Social habits and a myriad of other ideas.

I believe that art is a process that is not part time. I am in essence a mobile gallery of images always available whether in person or through cyberspace. I name Leonardo Da Vinci as my first choice of inspiration. This process of art and creativity is always in progress.

I have exhibited extensively in-group shows throughout this country for over 40 years and on the World Wide Web. I have been a juror for art exhibitions, exhibition committees and have work in several private collections. I use a variety of drawing media to dominate my interests. I currently reside in Berkeley, California.



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